"A beautiful woman with a magnificent voice"
Ulf Dammann, Deutschlandradio Kultur

"Vocal passion, musical empathy, exquisite repertoire" (en)

"A stroll on the musical boulevard of cultures" (en)

"Greek blues about love, alcohol, and smoky dockside bars" (en)

Like bubbles in a flute of champagne (HNA)    NEW

„(...) "predestined for the dolce vita of the southern sun" (en)

"this kind of wit is hard to find nowadays" - pianist Harmut Schmidt about the new program "Berlin 28" (en)

"A young woman whose talent is nearly as big as the Mediterranean region she draws upon" - CD review

"A voice full of infinite sensousness and strength" - CD review (en)

"With abandon and a caressingly warm voice" (en)

"Mediterranean warmth against mucky weather" (en)

"Very intimate: Carolina Stefani sings traditionals into the garishly red ears of her listeners"

"Where desire alluringly sparkles in the glass" (en) - CD review